Anthony BarnettThe Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center (SBTC) was born of the idea that the symbiotic benefits that exist in the human-canine bond can be used in a therapeutic sense for not only people suffering from stress and anxiety disorders, but also for dogs seized or surrendered from animal cruelty cases. At SBTC, both people and dogs help each other grow and prepare for the life ahead. While we are working to build the center, our team is out in the field using their skills to help people and dogs travel a path of healing, together through our programs.

Because SBTC uses both registered therapy dogs, as well as victims of cruelty who will eventually be adopted to the public, coupled with outpatients seeking evidence-based organized therapy, building a facility is paramount to achieving our mission.


SBTC is incorporated in the State of Kansas. We are a registered charitable organization with the State of Kansas. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with the Internal Revenue Service. The animals within our program are licensed with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Our registered therapy dogs are evaluated, insured, and registered through Pet Partners, Inc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the mental health and well-being of people through evidenced-based treatment and to aid in the physical and psychological recovery of abused and traumatized dogs with interactive training and the application of the human-canine bond in a therapeutic environment.

Measurable Results

Our impact is measured by the number of people who seek treatment through our various programs, including family members impacted; the number of in-patient visits to hospitals by our therapy dog teams; and the number of dogs saved, trained, and adopted to homes through our canine program.